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situation au liban 2020

That has made it the third most indebted state in the world, and rampant corruption has further siphoned funds from state coffers. [416], On 29 June, two weeks after Henri Chaoul's resignation, the Finance Ministry Director General and negotiator with the IMF, Alain Bifani, submitted his resignation. [421] A note, a Lebanese flag and a copy of spotless criminal record were discovered on the busy street in Beirut where the first victim, a 61-year-old man from the eastern region of Hermel shot himself. Some protesters began clearing away demonstration debris in Beirut after a social media call to keep the streets tidy and clear. Tens of thousands of individuals took part in a "human chain" which was held on 27 October at the coastlines from the Northern city of Tripoli to the southern city of Tyre - encompassing 171 km - organized with the intention to show the unity of the Lebanese people. Night clubs and hotels stayed open though wars, and while the tap water was undrinkable and the electric grid unreliable, even the middle class could afford nice clothes, low-paid maids from Ethiopia or the Philippines and occasional foreign vacations. Mais rapidement, la situation a dérapé. "[209] Hundreds of Lebanese mothers led a "mother's march" in Chyah to protest against sectarian violence on 26 November between youths. His decision to step aside came after conducting a meeting with President Michel Aoun. [308], On Tuesday, the Lebanese parliament held a nine-hour session, in which the legislators passed a vote of confidence, supporting the newly formed cabinet by the Lebanese government, and its financial rescue plan. The military expressed regret over the killing of a protester the night before and opened an investigation into the death. The protesters waved the Lebanese flags, as they gathered in the epicenter of last year’s rallies, Martyrs’ Square. [279] However, Haaretz Newspaper has rejected any connection to Nicholas Frakes, arguing that the live video feed of the anti-government protest uploaded on their Facebook account was from Reuters, the Jerusalem Post added. [518] Abou Fakhr's death triggered a substantial increase in protest activity, with reported clashes with army forces and additional roads being barricaded in protest. The outbreak of the protests was attributed to the accumulated crises within the preceding weeks in Lebanon. Sources claimed that Daou and Abou Fakhr were acquainted prior to the murder, implying a personal motive. [187], A protest was held on 24 November outside the United States embassy in Lebanon to express opposition to U.S. interference in Lebanon. Desperation has made the country’s protests more violent. The unusual exchange was covered in Lebanese media. [340] According to Reuters, the closure which commenced on Wednesday, is expected to be in place until 29 March, so as to enable the state of health emergency that has been set up, to tackle the virus effectively. [310] The parliament meeting was attended by 84 members of parliament, with 63 of them voting in support of the government, France 24 added. The state budget came as the protests outside the Parliament in Beirut were held back by the security forces. The reason for his arrest was unclear, with some sources claiming it was due to attempting to cross a security perimeter during the previous day's protest near Baabda Palace. [132][133] These attacks were presumed to be affiliated with Hezbollah. 17 MPs were said to have voted for other candidates, with about a dozen other MPs either failing to be present or voting for no one, Al Jazeera added. Consultez l’ensemble des articles, reportages, directs, photos et vidéos de la rubrique Liban publiés le lundi 14 décembre 2020. The protesters condemned the government's approach towards tackling the economic crisis which plummeted their local currency, leading to inflation and increased prices of goods. [198][199], Resigned Prime Minister Saad Hariri formally announced on 26 November that he would not run again for the position. [136], On 5 November, some students of American University of Science and Technology in Beirut showed attendance in protest, and were met with harsh engagement from soldiers of the Lebanese Armed Forces. The security forces engaged the Martyrs Square in the evening after the Lebanese cabinet had imposed a curfew. [255] Protests in Beirut continued on 23 December with a lower turnout. Then they sing the national anthem", "Lebanon protesters and Hezbollah, Amal supporters clash in Beirut", "More of the aftermath from downtown #Beirut. [89] In the afternoon, an emergency cabinet meeting was held. [142], It was reported on 9 November 2019 that the dollar-rationing policies implemented by Lebanese banks were at risk of causing major shortages and price hikes in gasoline, petrol, food and other vital supplies. [422][423] However, the second body, a man said to be a driver, was discovered by security forces at his residence near Saida, in southern Lebanon. [106] Meanwhile, thousands of Lebanese gathered in over thirty cities around the world on 26 and 27 October including Sydney, Paris, Houston and London in a show of support[citation needed]. [353][354] Aoun also maintained that the country is solely relying on the financial aid which is to be dedicated in executing infrastructure projects, as they have gone into an unforeseen economic recession. Last month, Human Rights Watch warned that millions of Lebanon’s residents, including more than one million Syrian refugees, were at risk of going hungry during the coronavirus lockdown if the government didn’t come to their aid. The army intervened to stop the violence. [118], President Aoun delivered a speech on 31 October[119] in which he spoke about Lebanon's economic and financial crisis. [322], Lebanon recorded its first case of COVID-19 on 21 February. [100] Nasrallah held a speech in the evening, calling his supporters to leave the streets. [481], On 27 September 2020, Gebran Bassil's party said he was infected with a “mild” case of COVID-19 as cases continued to surge throughout Lebanon. The former foreign minister further claimed that he came to Davos "on his own expenses". [419] To note, the report was first published by a foreign news station, the Saudi-owned TV station Al-Hadath, and there is no other reference of the attack. [320] Furthermore, the Lebanese government is trying to set up an emergency economic plan that will improve the country's conditions, amid fears of acquiring aid from the international community. This comes a few days after a new order allowed the right to sue people who insulted the presidency on social media. Lebanon's government debt is about 170% of its yearly gross domestic product. [29][30][31][32][33] Moreover, the prices of both oil and bread had been increasing as well as the rates of unemployment and poverty nationwide- in fact, the youth unemployment has reached 37% and the general unemployment 25% as of August 2019. Convoys for some Members of Parliament were recorded shooting live bullets or speeding into crowds in an attempt to disperse protesters. Additionally, the media reported there were plans of a USD 0.20 charge on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, such as ones made on FaceTime, Facebook and WhatsApp. the organization's founding director Kiran Nazish said. [83], Protests were held around major European cities, as well as in North America and Australia, showing solidarity with the protesters in Lebanon. [414][415] The interview with the minister has raised doubts regarding the relationship between Prime Minister Hassan Diab's assumed technocratic government and the current political elite comprising the likes of President Aoun. [194][195][196][197] Later in the afternoon, pro-government Hezbollah and Amal Movement supporters began roving around Beirut, Tyre and other cities on mopeds and motorbikes, shouting taunts and provocations at protesters. The Lebanese Red Cross claimed that dozens of people were injured including one female FPM activist injured to the head,[207] while the Lebanese army said that at least 16 people were detained for their involvement in the clashes. [131] Protesters gathered for the third consecutive Sunday since mass anti-government demonstrations began on 17 October, filling the streets and central squares of major cities including Beirut, Tripoli and Tyre. Depuis le 14 novembre, et au moins jusqu’au 30 novembre, le Liban - ici une rue de Beyrouth - vit un second confinement doublé d’un couvre-feu de 17 heures à 5 heures du matin. [60][61] A large number of protesters began appearing in Martyrs Square, Nejmeh Square, and Hamra Street, as well as many other regions around Lebanon. [174] Suppliers now have to turn to exchange houses in order to get their US dollars, which end up charging significantly higher rates than the official rate of $1 to 1,507.5 L.L., only if they had any dollars to sell. "Unfortunately this is an ever more precarious situation and it is important to point out to Lebanese authorities that they have a responsibility to protect the press. Mr. Tawk said he was struggling to make up the shortfall by doing carpentry work, which was hard to come by, and farming land in his village, although the prices of imported agricultural supplies have risen as well. The 2019 protests bypassed this sociological divide further, as they were part of a genuine grassroots movement that has not been directed by any political party, cross-sectarian in a broader sense than those of 2015 and taking place across Lebanon, rather than only in Beirut. [44][45] As a result, international credit rating agencies downgraded the rating of government bonds. Searching for food on the streets of Beirut. Pourtant, le Liban de 2020 n’est pas à la fête. [467][468], On 10 September, a huge fire reportedly broke out at Beirut’s port which was believed to have originated from a warehouse where oil and tires were kept, the Lebanese army disclosed. [384], On 2 June, protesters in Lebanon took to social media to share preventive measures with protesters who gathered in several cities across the United States, over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additionally, 265 restaurants and cafes closed their doors in the last two months. [182], President Michel Aoun gave a speech on 21 November, on the eve of Lebanese Independence Day, in which he called for an end to protests and "hateful language on the streets" and promised an "anti-corruption cabinet". [505], On 17 October 2020, protesters gathered in Beirut and across Lebanon to celebrate the revolution's first year anniversary. [484] Diab made the announcement while he was delivering a speech on Monday evening, blaming the country's ruling class for hindering reform plans. “What will you do next time?”. According to the Lebanese Civil Defense, 46 people were treated for injuries and another 14 were hospitalized. That strategy, which analysts have likened to a state-sponsored Ponzi scheme, ran out of gas last year when new depositors suspected the policy was unsustainable and stopped coming. Roads were blocked as well as many gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Behind him was Fouad Tawk, 53, who had retired after 24 years in the Lebanese Army with a pension that used to be worth $800 per month. [232], Protesters in Tripoli resumed blocking roads on 11 December. Lebanon’s economic problems have been building for years. Lebanon + 1 more. [148] In the afternoon, Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech in which he made strong overtures towards a corruption investigation to be led by Lebanon's judiciary, offering for Hezbollah to collaborate fully with any such investigation and calling for a "strong, independent judiciary" to equally investigate all Lebanese parties without reservation. [202] Overnight, clashes occurred all around Lebanon. I urge all Lebanese political forces to control their supporters, to avoid using the national protests for pursuing their political agenda #Lebanon", "The tragedy this morning that took the life of 2 civilians & injured their child is a warning. Nasrallah again shed doubt on the motivations of the protesters during his speech, implying that they were being manipulated by foreign influences. In Beirut, protesters clashed with security forces outside the Central Bank. The appointment of a new minister or caretaker has not been made yet, pending the acceptance of his resignation. [437][438] The protesters wanted to prepare a sit-in at the energy ministry, as one protester maintained that they will not vacate the premises until electricity is made available. [278], On 19 January, an American freelance journalist Nicholas Frakes was arrested on the allegation of sending footage of anti-government protests to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, according to The Washington Post. [525], At least 10 killed and 1,268 injured as of 8 August 2020, 1 policeman killed and 142 police injured as of 8 August 2020, Escalation of violence and arrest of journalist, ولما تبين لي انه رغم التزامي القاطع بتشكيل حكومة اختصاصيين، فإن المواقف التي ظهرت في الأيام القليلة الماضية من مسألة تسميتي هي مواقف غير قابلة للتبديل، فإنني أعلن انني لن أكون مرشحا لتشكيل الحكومة المقبلة، ٢/٣. As we fight corruption in our home, we should support those fighting corruption in theirs", "The Arab Spring rose up to fight corruption, repression, inequality and austerity. [227] With Khatib's withdrawal, Saad Hariri became the only candidate for prime minister once again. Other event by Institut d’Études de Géopolitique Appliquée on Monday, September 14 2020 with 5.8K people interested and 506 people going. [376][377] They added that the plan has no specific time for implementation, also lacking the ability to proffer solutions to the high rate of inflation, possibly leading to hyperinflation. The common shareholders of SOCIETE GENERALE DE BANQUE AU LIBAN SAL are hereby convened to the meeting of the Extraordinary General Assembly that shall be held on Tuesday 15 December 2020 … Now it is worth just over $200. [265][266] It was reported by the Red Cross that the wounded people on Wednesday had reached 45, according to DW. [507] Despite arguing to proceed with the revolution movement, the Lebanese protesters have demanded President Michel Aoun step aside. Télé Liban, première chaîne de télévision au Liban, créée en 1959. [114] Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation in a televised address on the afternoon of 29 October. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, Al Jazeera added. ... Lost Frequencies – Atomium Brussel (2020) - Duration: 58:31. The protestors gathered near the parliament building calling for the resignation of Lebanese government officials. If they did not come to an agreement, he suggested he would take a "different approach". Highways and major roads were blocked in Beirut, Tripoli, Akkar, Sidon, and Zahle by protests and burning tires. [256] Later that day, hundreds of people shared a Christmas dinner benefiting the poor on Martyrs' Square. Khalaf's contenders were Nader Gaspard, Saadeddine Al Khatib, and Ibrahim Moussallem. '17 October revolution'),[17] are a series of civil protests that have been taking place in Lebanon. The Colonel on the scene, Nidal Daou, also received unspecified charges. [364] The next day, all banks in Tripoli announced their temporary closure until security has been restored, as they have been the targets attacks and rioting. [406][407], On 22 June, a female activist, Kinda El-Khatib, was charged with the crime of "dealing with the enemy [Israel]" and visiting occupied Palestinian territories, after she was taken from her home in Akkar on 18 June.

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