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Following their fight, Thor was brought to Hulk's room in the Grandmaster Palace. During the fight, he battled Absorbing Man, though was held off due to the villain absorbing the Odinforce. Although Thor attempted to convince Hulk that everybody loved him since he was a member of the Avengers, Hulk insisted that Thor was only friends with Bruce Banner, which Thor denied by claiming that he did not even like Banner. Banner's research allowed him to merge his intelligence and consciousness with Hulk's physical appearance and powers into one being. With no escape in sight as soldiers blocked both doorways, Banner watched as Thaddeus Ross ordered his troops to fire tear gas into the overpass. The Avengers is a group of superheroes, based in New York. Enhanced Damage: Increases all damage by 15% while RAGE is active. General Ross ordered the soldiers to land the helicopter, but Banner insisted that they remain in the air so that he could jump out and keep everyone else safe, while also using the altitude to trigger a transformation. Hulk watched in shock as San Francisco began to fall apart amidst an unexplained earthquake and the helicarrier crashed into the bay, taking Rogers down with it. So he needed Helen Cho and the Regeneration Cradle device to build for him the ultimate body. Banner bribes his way into Culver University. In the years that followed the Snap, Banner started to see Hulk as a cure to his woes instead of a disease in need of curing. Despite his near invulnerable skin allowing the bullets to merely bounce off him, the constant attacks caused him to furiously fight back and destroy several Humvees, knocking over one before moving towards a nearby statue, picking up the second Humvee and smashing it apart against the statue, forcing all the nearby soldiers to retreat as the giant titan reduced the vehicle to pieces. [24], S.H.I.E.L.D. Upon waking up, Ross screamed in surprise as she looked at Hulk, causing him to hit his head before roaring at the thunder, perceiving it to be a threat. While Stark managed to fall back through the wormhole to New York, he fell unconscious and his suit had lost its power. Regen Slams: Slamming held enemies with Heavy Attacks has a 15% chance to generate Regen Packs. Seeing the armed army men, Hulk started to get angry again but Iron Man punched him in the head, knocking him unconscious. Banner operated the Quantum Realm machine as Barton successfully traveled to his homestead prior to the Snap and back, demonstrating their plan had worked.[13]. After defeating the AIM forces sent after them, Banner passed the protocols to Hill and installed the component, which Kamala checked out the HARM Room. This was seen during his encounter with Thor on New Asgard, in which he politely asked Thor to stop holding him before forcing him to let go. Affiliation(s) Hulk furiously growls towards Emil Blonsky, With only Emil Blonsky remaining, who had watched in astonishment, Blonsky loaded his weapon and fired bullets at the green titan, which continued to have no effect on him. Continuing to flee from the United States Armed Forces unit, Banner came across General Ross himself, realizing that he was the man behind the chase. Banner saw the Hulk as a curse and would transform even in the most normal of situations, such as airplane flights, and sometimes would not be able to determine which was in charge. Hulk then got back on the Rainbow Bridge and saw Surtur destroying Asgard. Once they realized they could never use the stones again, the Avengers return to Earth in defeat.[13]. Marvel's Avengers Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Quickly press [X/Square] after Dodging to execute a sweeping backhand attack that launches enemies into the air, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. TV Series On their way to Earth, they were intercepted by the Sanctuary II, a vessel commanded by the warlord Thanos.[30]. Despite his opponent's enhanced strength and abilities, Hulk defeated Abomination, transforming back into Banner shortly afterwards. As Banner was in his laboratory, he spotted Loki being marched down the hallways and had a mild headache as Loki smiled at him. Hulk eventually transformed back into Banner and woke up naked in the warehouse. As the worried Leonard Samson had chosen to inform the military of Banner's whereabouts, Banner ordered Dr. Ross get as far away from him as she could before he ran away as quickly as possible, with the Strategic Operations Command Center soldiers mounting a full-scale assault on the campus. This remark signaled the Avenger to immediately spring from hiding and attack Thanos, tackling him to the ground before he could retrieve the Tesseract. He is one of the scientists who tried to recreate the Super Soldier Serum which originated Captain America in World War II, but when an exposure to high levels of Gamma Radiation instead of Vita Radiation went awry, the mild-mannered scientist found himself plagued with a peculiar condition; when angered or provoked, he would transform into the rage-fueled a… After she disabled them, the group realized that it had distracted them from the situation on the Chimera. Ranged Damage: Increases Ranged Attack damage by 15%. Hulk tears a fighter jet apart in mid-air. Unaware that Banner had transformed, the tough guy leader attempted to kick him, only to be thrown through two windows, with the monstrous green giant managing to subdue another thug while the third escaped. However, Banner is the Avenger his teammates are the most wary of despite their camaraderie and often don't call Hulk to a battle unless strictly necessary. Boneshaker Regeneration: Defeat five enemies while BONESHAKER is active in order to restore all Willpower. Later, he prepared the time machine so that Steve Rogers could return the time-displaced Infinity Stones and Mjølnir back to the periods they were found. However, when General Ross had sent a team led by Emil Blonsky to apprehend Banner, he was then forced to return to New York City where he recruited the help of Betty Ross and Sterns to cure him of his affliction. Real Name Previously, Banner would not have been strong enough to solely wield the gauntlet. At Harvard University, the couple participated in an experiment involving hallucinogens. Having risen to the top of the ranks and becoming the Grandmaster's Champion, Hulk enjoyed a celebrity lifestyle. As he paced around the campus, he was approached by Dr. Ross, who was unafraid of him as she attempted to calm him down and turn him back into Banner. One day, Hulk met his newest opponent, who turned out to be none other than his former teammate and fellow Avenger, Thor. Epicenter: The distance of the THUNDERCLAP shockwave is increased by 30%. The two furiously faced off once again and Abomination pinned Hulk against a wall and stabbed him in the chest with his exposed elbow, while Banner briefly gained control of Hulk, unable to defeat his foe. Banner discovered that by focusing during the moment of transformation he can control Hulk's destructive behavior or at least "aim" it at a desired target, first seen during the Duel of Harlem. Male Banner attempted to defend himself but the man wanted revenge for Banner saving Martina from him and ignored Banner's warnings that something really bad was about to happen, with the leader punching Banner in the stomach and raising his heart rate. Once he failed to lift the hammer, Banner pretended to turn into Hulk, which none of the others found funny, much to Romanoff's awkward feeling toward his situation. Tony Stark, Hulk and Rocket finalized the creation of the Nano Gauntlet as they assembled all six Infinity Stones into their new creation. As it broke free, Bruce told her to run as it attacked him, triggering a transformation into the Hulk. Edward NortonMark RuffaloTaika Waititi (motion capture) The Incredible HulkAvengers: Damage Control Helicarrier, the Winter Soldierinjected a modified version of the Hulk's blood into Ross which turns him into the Red Hulk. Robert Bruce Banner was born on Thursday, December 18, 1969. As the others were fighting Ultron, Banner remained in the Quinjet. The pair were interrupted by Valkyrie, who warned them that they should not have come. The Avengers faction assembles six mighty heroes whose different skills can handle any situation. Banner eventually relented and got in Ross' car as she drove him back to her home to rest so they could discuss everything that had happened since he had gone on the run. As it heated up, he revealed that he'd tested Kamala's DNA and discovered that they could not reverse her mutations, calling Inhumans the perfect disease. However, when the taxi driver drove like a maniac, they got out as Ross screamed at the driver. In an effort to stop him, Hulk immediately charged into battle and jumped onto Surtur's face, where he immediately began punching at the Fire Demon. Banner believed he had the best chance, given that the Stones emmitted mostly gamma radiation. Some time during or after the hearings, Bruce and Monica broke up. As both Banner and Betty Ross were taken into custody, Banner was strapped down on a stretcher while the SOCC kept a close watch over him. Having escaped from the Pingo Doce factory and reverting back to normal, Banner awoke in the jungle the morning after the incident, soaking and freezing cold. Banner questions if Vision is like Ultron, The living body jumped out and briefly attacked Thor until he looked out over the city, the living body apologized and called itself the Vision and claimed to wish to assist them to fight Ultron. The Ancient One responded by saying that Strange was not with her and would not be with her for 5 years to come. He observed the unconscious Stark alongside Thor and Captain America, who feared Stark had died, although Hulk roared in his face and woke him up. The Hulk is the alter-ego of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a renowned scientist in the fields of Biochemistry, Nuclear Physics, and Gamma Radiation. The next day, Hulk did as Thor requested and had Valkyrie come up to his chamber, as together they playfully sparring with each other as Hulk played with the Sakaaran War Hammer while Valkyrie kicked him over. When Rage is active, defensive strength is increased and all attacaks inflict increased damage by 15% and recover Willpower. In order to stop them, the Avengers got the Hulkbuster armor for Banner, who managed to pilot it successfully until he hit a rock and nearly fell. Stark and Banner then departed for the lab to begin their research. Under high amounts of physical or mental stress, he would turn into a giant green humanoid being with enhanced strength, durability and a separate but more aggressive personality, which many dubbed "the Hulk". Hulk grabbed hold of the arm but it turned out to be a trap, imprisoning Hulk's hand. Hulk joined the other Avengers in returning to Stark Tower, where the defeated Loki lay. As it began to rain, Banner made his way out of the city, attempting to flee. Stark then asked Banner if he could help, only for Banner to notify that he was trying but Hulk wouldn't come out. Romanoff revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. Citizenship With Romanoff clinging to his back, Hulk began jumping through the air, trying to reach the flying city of Novi Grad. Hulk then attempted to take the Time Stone only for his opponent to force out his astral form. However, Banner agrees to accompany Thor back to Asgard on the condition that he doesn't have to think about Hulk ever again. Realizing the danger that had arrived, Banner quietly escaped through his window as Blonsky and his unit located Banner's house and burst in to shoot him with tranquilizers, although Banner had already fled through the window and momentarily hid with Martina in her apartment. Before Hulk could reach him, Abomination lunged and grabbed the helicopter just as Hulk arrived and grasped him. Banner ordered Romanoff to kill the power in order to bring Lang back to his normal self. With the rest of the Avengers unable to assist in stopping Hulk, Iron Man quickly destroyed Ultron and flew to his location. Eventually, he is snatched in her jaws and throttled around like a chew toy as he is dunked into the water, where she bites painfully into his highly impervious skin, causing Hulk to bleed. Eventually Banner became confident enough to bring out Hulk voluntarily knowing he won't attack his allies. However, Hulk was then saved by a badly injured Heimdall, who used the last of his power to master enough dark magic to conjure a Bifrost Bridge, which sent Hulk away from the battle and to the New York Sanctum on Earth. Using this brief distraction, Sterns was able to administer the antidote. Thor embraced his old friends and reintroduced his new housemates, former Contest of Champions Korg and Miek. As the Avengers disbanded and went their separate ways, Natasha Romanoff then gave Banner a travel bag, which he tossed into Stark's Acura 2012 Stark Industries Super Car as the two drove off. Thor, armed with Stormbreaker, Rocket Raccoon and Groot stepped out of the Bridge into the battlefield confronting the Outrider armies, with Banner happy to see that his friend survived the attack on the Statesman. Having spent several hours asleep while still on the road, Banner was eventually awoken by Ross as she had just seen the New York City Police Department were currently searching all the vehicles which were attempting to get into New York City, clearly searching for the fugitives. After the team finished complementing her, he asked for them to give them some privacy. Destructive Health: 50% chance defeating an enemy will generate a Regen Pack. After the mission, Bruce observed Pym's experiments with robotics before Kamala interrupted. In his earliest transformations, Hulk appeared as a simple-minded savage with no real ability to distinguish friend from foe. During the fight, Hulk attempted to lift Mjønir, but even with his incredible strength, he was unable to move the hammer, which only increased his rage. After a session, they were able to find a way of calming him, leading to him returning to regular form. Hulk became enraged, and Natasha was knocked out. These efforts later help Stark learn about Spymaster's presence. Banner was doused with an immense amount of gamma radiation, but the serum's effects, along with Dr. Ross' primer, caused Banner to transform into a giant, green-skinned, muscle-bound titan with incredible strength, but who posed little intelligence and was driven by fits of extreme rage. Lang, still overwhelmed by Hulk speaking and eating like a human, required further explanation. In the wake of their fight, Thor informed Hulk that Asgard was under threat due to Hela's return. Stark declared that they would fight Loki, although Banner clarified that the others would fight and he would merely read about it. Banner attempts to locate his old research, Having made it upstairs, Banner looked inside a room and recalled it once being the same space where they had worked on the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project before everything had gone terribly wrong. The Hulk stars as the hero of the first episode of Avengers Initiative. [11], Hulk welcomes back Valkyrie into his room. They then demanded Thanos to tell them where the stones were located, but they learned by word that he used the very stones to destroy the stones. [13], Banner learns of Natasha Romanoff's death. Hulk shared in Wilson's surprise that Rogers chose to remain in the past with Peggy Carter.[13]. Irradiated Destruction: On the final slam, the impact causes a massive radial hazard of irradiated Gamma particles. Hulk's time on Sakaar allowed him to form his own identity. Ross inquired as to whether Banner could learn to control Hulk, citing that Hulk knew her and therefore a part of Banner existed within Hulk, only for Banner to respond to her father had made his intentions clear on weaponizing Hulk and that he wished to get rid of his alter-ego permanently. [2] Wishing to impress General Thaddeus Ross, Banner upped the dosage of the gamma radiation.[15]. DoctorChampion Hulk mainly remained at Cap's side during fight, breaking down obstacles in their way and watching helping him fight against the forces sent after them. Leaving the Sanctum, to investigate, they found people fleeing and screaming in panic, as a Q-Ship sent by Thanos had arrived. Ground Zero: THUNDERCLAP creates a brief vacuum that draws in nearby enemies before launching them upwards with the attack. Hulk then hit him strongly and threw him far away. Because Hulk has never lost a fight before; his experience and growing intelligence in Sakaar reinforced the idea and image so much that he believed himself to be invincible, no longer a primitive rage monster like when he first came into existence, and now capable of grasping a wide spectrum of emotions, the defeat at Thanos' hands traumatized Hulk tremendously; he has since grown fed up of being used as a weapon by Banner and the Avengers that he outright leaves Banner alone to fend for himself for the first time since his creation, to the extent staunchly refusing to transform and come out to fight even when told to. [9], Banner learns the Ultron Program is possible. Hulk puts out the fire with his powerful clap. Thor denied the possibility of hope until Rocket explained they had beer on the ship.[13]. The Incredible Hulk is the second movie made in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Lang taking the photo, Hulk and the children said 'Green' in unison. Banner handed the control to Valkyrie and traveled with his allies to Asgard.[11]. The series started with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner having already become Hulk and on the run. Banner tries to comfort Thor to bring him back, Banner reached out Thor, suggesting that they may be able to undo Thanos' Snap. The Incredible HulkThor (mentioned)The AvengersIron Man 3 (post-credits scene)Captain America: The Winter Soldier (mentioned)Avengers: Age of UltronCaptain America: Civil War (footage)Spider-Man: Homecoming (picture)Thor: RagnarokAvengers: Infinity WarCaptain Marvel (mid-credits scene)Avengers: Endgame Before he could kill Romanoff, Hulk was intercepted by Thor. Banner calmly asked Thor to let go of him, and forced the Asgardian to stop grabbing him. [7], Hulk witnesses S.H.I.E.L.D. Banner speaks about what to do with Thanos, Upon resuming their conversation, the team would decide on what to do with Vision, who suggested to destroy the stone even if it would kill him. Stun Boost: Increases Stun damage while Overcharged by 30%, accelerating the rate at which enemy Stun meters fill. Bruce Banner[2]Hulk[2]The Incredible Hulk[2]Green Monster[2][3]Green Sasquatch[2]Gringo[2]Mr. Green[2]Mysterious Friend[2]White Man at the Bottling Plant[2]The Target[2]A Freak Accident[2]Beautiful[2]Godlike[2]The Green One[2]David B. Stark reminded Thor that the gauntlet had enough energy to power a continent, but Thor responded by stating that lightning ran in his veins. He quickly asked what happened to Ultron and Sokovia. Hulk decides to stay as Thor kept pleading for Hulk's assistance, but Hulk yawned at the idea and refused to acknowledge their friendship since he believed that Thor liked Banner better. Just then, the computer's alert went off, and as Banner put the Scepter back, he informed the others that they would not get to see his transformation after all. Accompanying Sterns to his lab, Banner and Ross listened as Sterns expressed his amazement at meeting Banner, noting he was shocked that such an unassuming man had so much gamma radiation inside of him. Although avoiding the daily stress, he was constantly victimized by xenophobia of his coworkers, being supported by the friendship of his colleague and neighbor Martina. This was highlighted when he begged Thor to stay on Sakaar as his friend. Hulk challenged their leader, Thanos, who soundly defeated him. They were soon joined by Thor, who had been alerted to the battle by falling debris from it and helped defeat the Tarleton's army. Eventually making his way to South America, Banner helped a lost boy Miguel when they were attacked by Espinoza. HYDRA soldiers found him in the jet and shot it with one of their tanks, trying to kill him. [13], Banner prepares to enter the Quantum Realm. Banner attempts to slow down his heart rate. He also questioned Stark's decision to not reveal their plans to the rest of the team. Hulk reluctantly agreed and carried Thor and Valkyrie onto the Statesman, which was being commandeered by Loki and Korg. To their shock, they found an overweight and alcoholic Thor, devastated by his failure to kill Thanos before the Snap occurred. As their meeting came to an end, he told Tony how he only remembered flashes of the incident and concerns that he was loosing control of Hulk. needed him in a cage. Banner then headed to the main deck with the other Avengers then listened while Fury interrogated Loki in his cell about his whereabouts of the Tesseract while Loki taunted Fury about his knowledge of Hulk's nature and the despair he must suffer to call those creatures to defend him. The two former Avengers made their escape from the Quinjet and start making their way through the city. After the War against Ultron, Hulk himself decided to abandon his Avengers friends much like he did when he defeated Abomination. [17] He fired a bullet into his mouth, only to transform and spit out the bullet. Whilst investigated a power signature in New York, Bruce agreed to investigate an another potential source in the Utah Badlands.

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